The Team

dr-nasser-djennatiNasser Djennati
Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer, MIDS Medical Ltd.

A UMIST graduate with extensive experience in instrumentation design, analogue and digital electronics, information technology, sensors design (bio-sensors) and specifically in magnetic nano-particle applications within the medical Point of Care devices arena.

  • 20 years expertise in Hall Effect technology and magnetic field measurement
  • Nanoparticle and sensor design for bio-medical and bio-sensing medical Point of Care devices.
  • Extensive experience in instrumentation design, analogue and digital electronics, information technology and applications within the bio-medical and bio-engineering devices arena Heading the R&D unit of a small team of scientists and engineers to design several novel point of care devices
  • Extensive experience in the design and development of small, low cost Point of Care measurement devices that read changes occurring on input strips, both from an engineering, physics (optics and magnetic), reader software and end user perspective
  • Experienced in the regulatory approvals process for Class II-a medical device products.
  • Previously designed and successfully managed a novel Point of Care Prothrombin device from its original idea to manufacturing status for Alere (previously known as Inverness Medical Innovation)
  • Delivered a fully functional bench demonstrator to the customer in six months.
  • Also brings specific expertise to MIDS in terms of production engineering, component sourcing and supplier management

Dr. Djennati manages and oversees R&D activity from the start. Disposable strip design is the crucial element of the project, making his involvement and expertise essential from the outset to secure a successful microfluidics design.