The next-generation nano magnetic medical diagnostic technology.

MIDS Medical’s world class team is developing Point of Care (POC) hand held devices using MIDS (Magnetic Immunoassay Detection System), a next-generation nano magnetic medical diagnostic technology. The patented MIDS technology is expected to enable handheld, inexpensive devices to reach levels of accuracy at the POC currently available only in large, slow and expensive central laboratory analyzers.

MIDS can detect assay test beads with far more precision than any existing technology, by recognising the aggregated magnetic signature of assay beads within a test strip. This new level of accuracy offers significant sensitivity advantages, by the detection of very low levels of analyte, paving the way for a next generation of high sensitivity assays at the POC. First development is a POC device to carry out high sensitivity cardiac biomarker assays, followed by the application of the MIDS technology to numerous other immunoassay tests used to diagnose multiple indications.

MIDS: Gold standard laboratory accuracy in a practitioner’s hand; at the scene of accident, in an ambulance, the ER or on the ward.

Mids Technology

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